Fire Department FAQs

1How do I become a member of the Fire Department?

Attend any of our meetings! Click here for upcoming dates & times. Or, call us (City Hall) at: 763-542-9701.

2What kind of smoke alarm should I buy?

The Fire Department does not recommend specific manufacturers. We do recommend that electrical smoke alarms be hard wired and U.L. listed.

3Where should I install the smoke alarm?

Between each sleeping area and the remainder of the building. Where a sleeping area is served by a hallway, install the detector in the hall. Install the detector on or near the ceiling in accordance with the manufacturers' installation instructions.

4My smoke alarm goes off a lot. What is wrong with it?

Clean the unit with a vacuum cleaner brush. Dust particles can and often do set off false alarms. The unit may need to be relocated. It could be too close to the kitchen, bathroom, heat register or it could be defective and need to be replaced. Consult the installation instructions. Smoke detectors become over-sensitive with age and may need replacing.

5My smoke alarm beeps. What is wrong with it?

The problem is usually a weak or improper battery. Replace with a fresh battery as recommended by the manufacturer or replace with 110 volt hard-wired smoke detector.

6Are any smoke alarms not recommend?

Many older model smoke detectors have no test button. If your smoke detector is ten years old or older, consider replacing it.

7What types and size of fire extinguisher should I have?

The recommended extinguisher for home use is a "Dry Chemical" type, rated at least 1A-10BC. This information is listed on the extinguisher's label.

8Where should I store my extinguisher?

Store your extinguisher away from the stove, near the exit from the kitchen. Mount the extinguisher on the bracket that is supplied with the extinguisher. In your workshop, mount the extinguisher near the exit.

CAUTION: Never put yourself or anyone else in jeopardy by trying to extinguish a fire which may be too large . . . sound an alarm to other occupants, leave the building, closing all doors behind you. Call the Fire Department (9-1-1). Go to your designated meeting place and wait for the Firefighters to arrive. NEVER GO BACK INTO A BURNING BUILDING!

9Are the contents of a dry chemical fire extinguisher harmful?

No. Dry chemical extinguishers are usually filled with mono ammonium phosphate. This is a nontoxic substance; however, large amounts of this powder in the air can cause breathing difficulties. Leave the area after discharging a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Call the Fire Department (9-1-1) to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished.

10How often should I have my fire extinguisher recharged?

After each use, or if the gauge shows a loss of pressure.

11How do I use a fire extinguisher?

First! Call the Fire Department immediately! (9-1-1)... always follow manufacturers' instructions as listed on the extinguisher. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Operate the extinguisher in an upright position. Remove the safety pin. Aim at the base of the fire from the distance recommended by the manufacturer. Squeeze the handle using a sweeping motion.

12Where can I buy or service a fire extinguisher?

Refer to the "Yellow Pages" of the phone directory for servicing companies. Most hardware outlets and discount stores (Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc.) have extinguishers for sale which are suitable for home use.

13Where should I store my propane tank?

All propane tanks should be stored outside or in a detached shed, protected from the elements and at least 10 feet from any openings to the building (basement windows, doors, vents).

14How do I dispose of an old propane tank?

Take all expired propane tanks back to an outlet that refills them. Do not keep them around your home or garage and do not include them with your regular refuse pick up. Natrogas will dispose of the tanks. Natrogas, 3900 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 612 529-9276. THERE IS A FEE!!!!!!

15Do I need a permit to have a recreational fire?

YES! All recreational fires require a burning permit within the City of Medicine Lake. Each permit is valid only for the year in which it is issued and there is no permit fee. The burning permit is valid only on the property it is issued for.

What are the requirements?

  • The person signing the application is responsible for conducting, controlling and extinguishing the burning.
  • Clean firewood only, minimum 3" diameter. Burning of brush and leaves is prohibited.
  • Fire not to exceed 3' by 3' size.
  • Fire must be for recreational purposes only.
  • Residents must be able to provide proof of a burning permit.

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